Solara Voltara

Solara Voltara



The first released album by Solara Voltara

Where's the Porn?

I know that I have been promising to do some more videos for a while and I am sorry I have left you wanting for so long. The truth is, I wanted to get out of it because I had lost weight and I didn't like my looks, but I still look good and I am thinking about getting some more content out there soon. When I release more porn I'll tell you about it on here.

Keep your eyes on Me

There is a second album coming after the first. It will be out by January. It's going to rock your ass off and leave you wanting to fuck

What's going on right now?

There's a video game demo of a first person shooter to be released soon. You will be able to play as me.

That's all I can tell you for now

Video game is coming along nicely. Will be released soon

This image is from a test of one of the maps from the game