Solara Voltara

Solara Voltara


Who is Solara Voltara?

I am Solara Voltara

I'm an actress/model/musician/artist

There's a lot more to me than meets the eye. If you really want to know me you can listen to my lyrics or read some of the stories that I post here.

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Want to see more?

Crazy stories and random things

I live in a Quentin Tarantino movie

Where to start?! 

I reckon I will give you a synopsis and go from there, and then you can know what type of crazy stories you will find on my blog .

I'm the adventurous type.

I've driven 170+mph through Atlanta on I75 on Friday night. I've wrecked a motorcycle at 120mph. I've free-climbed the rock faces of the Cumberland Plateau and even fallen off a cliff. Canoed almost the entire the big south fork Cumberland River. Camped in some strange abandoned places and did things on a whim that most people spend months planning. 

Held at gunpoint and been shot at and shot back.

Crazy bandmates always getting me into stuff.

Lots of parties.

Sinking boats.

Lots of sex.

I've had sex with a LOT of people

I've been in limousines with stars, and spent weekends with millionaires.

I've beach bummed it, met some interesting and crazy people.

I've even been arrested and molested by officers.

You'll get to hear all about that stuff here as I have time to add entries.

Disclaimer: none of what you read here is true 😉😉


The first released album by Solara Voltara